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Sunday, 17 June 2012

I Saw Her Again

 I Saw Her Again

I saw those eyes again....
Staring at me again....
I couldn't breath again.... 
Heard that voice again....
I felt a chill of strain....
Today in this rain....
At the time of departure....
I turned back again....
Wanted to look her again....
But she went away in that rain...
I felt my heart is in pain....
Realized one thing again....
That i was fall in love with you again....

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My girlfriend

Donno she's beautiful or not.
Donno she's colourful or not.
I donno how she smile.
... I donno what's her style.
I donno how she talks.

I donno how she walks.
I donno from where she came.
I donno what is her aim.
But when there is rain.
She chills my vein.
When am in strain.
she cure my pain.
When she's ma near.
I feel no fear.

She comes like a breeze.
When am alone in ma place.

You are always my madness.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

ANTAHEEN (ENDLESS ) A poetic love story


It was one of my friend who suggested to see this movie.A begali movie directed by Aniruddha Roy choudhary. Won national award for the best film in 2010 I don't know in which state was i after watching this movie.I should say "The best love story i have ever seen".Yes,I mean it. Once you seen this movie am sure you will say the same words.

In one sentence This film is truly a "Poetic love story".It will take away your mind,soul or whatever in to a different world.A world where you can felt hopeless romance and feelings.It will blow your mind for sure.
The film explores highly positive characters.They were not an axaggerated superhuman.They were those who have real bones and flesh.Hardly seen such positive characters.They accepts everything their life gives. Nothing more not less.They are ready to compromise with that life once they realizes that "there is no such thing called perfect relation". For that,they have to compromise with their life.Sometimes we fails to understand love even it is nearer to us.There will have a special kind of relationship from the soul,which will be hard to predict.The film focuses on this.


The film is a story of romance between a highly dedicated police officer Abhikh Choudhari(Rahul Bose) and a TV journalist Brinda Roy Menon (Radhika Apte).The movie progresses through an online chatting between them.On that chatting they never says anything about their profession and personal information.They didn't even share their names.All they share is their views and expectations about life by comparing the characters around them.This continues everyday...At some point these characters meets in some situations,but never understand each other.As the friendship between them progresses apart from chatting they realizes some kind of bonding between them.Because they both were chatting with a person of same chracteristics.But at that time too they fails to know each other. Brinda was the first who realizes that Abhikh is the same person she had chatted with.But after that she got killed in an accident.When Abhikh came to her funeral he notices some stuffs she had chatted about.With a painful heart he realizes that it was Brinda whome he chat chatted with.
The film has a highly emotional dramatic end. To be very honest,i cant control my eyes.Am sure your eyes will wet after watching this movie. Some dialogs are unforgettable.

"Sometimes absence is required to feel a person's presence more intensely"

"Probably certain things are best left unsaid,and certain things are difficult to put in to words"


Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Three different
stories,no i ‘l say three
different lives binding in a
single screen. That is CITY OF GOD. There were
lot of chances for the
mistakes with this binding…
But nothing happend…Lijo jose pallisseri has done it exceptionally well although he is a newcomer. His previous film "NAAYAKAN" with indrajith sukumaran got so many attention because of the way of presentation of subject... Here he came again with more complicated and extravagant subject of CITY OF GOD.
Three lives in a city. Thre kinds of people. Three kinds of culture and at the end one result. LIFE. Yes A new life has born. A well deserved life...
We are our own. But definitely there will be some hidden relations with some others life. City of god deals with unnoticing relations between three lives. They are meeting each other in different part of the story,they dont know each other and yet their lives are so bonded.
Indrajith,and prithwi raj,again proving that they are the next generation versatile actors. Coming days will definitely for the stardom of these two brothers... Indrajith got a risky character,as he has to maintain a typical tamil young man. And he has done a good job by realising that character. Prithwi has got an action packed roll. He justified his roll deeply.
Rima kallingal got a wonderfull character. I think it will be her second satisfying character after her debut film RITHU. She has got lot of emotional scenes,and very nicely done without any over acting. She controlled her very much.

After a long interval PARVATHI has got a strong character. And she proved that she has lot of potential for doing a challenging character. This will be a big break for PARVATHI.
Rohini,also got a challenging character. Her performance was excellent. She maintains her character throughout the movie.
Swetha menon,also given her 100%. Her tragical story has a keyroll in the story.
All in all i will give a 4.3 out of five.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Only a dark road ahead,through which i have to go... I made a glance at where i came from. Just covered a little. Then i look forward. Still a long way to go. Am standing alone.No one with me. I thought, at least there is a road for me. I kept walking...
As i walk through the dark road once again those incidence which i always want to forget always came like a bullet to my heart. And once again the pain is coming. I tried to neglect those painful thoughts. Still it peers like 1000 needles on my body.

Thursday, 28 April 2011


A movie which deals with the seasons of life.Three friends, SARATH , VARSHA , SUNNY and their story has shown in RITHU. The storyteller is SARATH(NISHAN). The film is running through the life of SARATH. His dreams and expectations about friends.
He came home from silicOn valley USA after a couple of years to make his dreams true. After meeting his friends, he realizes one thing. Both of them had a preoccupied mood. Slowly he comes to know his friends are changed a lot. The friendship between SARATH and SUNNY and a little romance between SARATH and VARSHA has gone. But SARATH is the only one who has same commitment as before.
The romance between sarath and varsha is really amazing. They knows that they like each other. But without saying any single words their relation goes further. But a small gap between them,effecting deeply in their relationship.

This film shows the lifestyle of new generation youngsters very symbolically.The expectations towards the future along with their friendship beautifully represented here by director Syamaprasad.He's such a talented director.Rithu is a different approach from him. He explains this movie with his natural poetic touch.

As the story progresses a question arrives if front of SARATH...A beatiful question
"Do we change with the seasons ?"
Slowly he gets the answer. Yes we change with the seasons.
At last when SUNNY making a plan to cheat SARATH,he is facing that problem very boldly . When he left his friend and his lover he keeps asking that same question. "SEASONS CHANGE. DO WE ?